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2Key Network

2key network is the all-in-one platform for building multi-step referral campaigns. All within a Link.

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2Key Protocol is a layer-two solution that adds scalability without hampering Ethereum’s decentralized and secure nature. 2Key’s development team has built 2Key Network, the first application on the 2Key Protocol. 2Key Network creates Smart Links by binding smart contracts with HTTP links—the web links we interact with every day. Our first app has the capacity to disrupt the digital marketing sector by letting people earn from the links they share within their social circles; many links eventually lead to business actions so it’s about time you earn your part in driving economic value. 
The 2Key Network delivers a new form of state channels that runs in people’s browsers, namely Multi-Party State Channels. Our Protocol has made it possible for anyone to acquire an Ethereum wallet the moment they interact with a Smart Link; this wallet can then be securely unlocked using a browser. You can learn more about the intricacies of this feature in our whitepaper. This removes all barrier to becoming part of a decentralized Web as the Protocol delivers scalability and our first app ensures anyone with access to a browser, which is anyone with access to the internet, can join the blockchain community without even knowing it, without even having a wallet, without even having ETH.  2KEY will be the first Crypto owned by the masses.



Full breakdown

Token Economics & Usecases: 

  • Automatic Campaign Based Demand: Up to 20% of total volume worth of conversions on the network is automatically, via smart-contract, used to purchase 2KEY from the exchanges and then distributed to all referrers as rewards and to integrators as fees.
  • Participation and Staking Rewards: Users and integrators on the network are incentivized to actively participate and hodl 2KEY by the community rewards mechanism which awards more 2KEY for active participants and staking users.
  • POS Mining: Proof Of Stake 2KEY mining will be introduced in the full 2key protocol, enabling users with regular web browsers (mobile/desktop) to passively participate in 2key campaigns as miners, gaining 2KEY as passive income.

Automatic Token Buy Mechanism:

(1) 2key campaign contracts will automatically send ETH/DAI to the 2key Exchange contract to buy 2KEYs:

  • when a conversion occurs — if the conversion entails raised funds or a purchase — the portion reserved for referral rewards will be automatically sent to the 2key exchange contract for purchasing 2KEY and/or
  • when a contractor purchases/inputs 2KEY stake at contract creation time — for campaigns in which the conversion event doesn’t involve money transfer — e.g. leads generation, signups, content consumption, installs, information delivery etc… — all referral rewards must be bought in advance by the contractor (that’s the campaign’s budget).

(2) Automatic Decentralisation and Hodling Mechanism: The reward 2KEYs automatically purchased by the campaign contracts are then distributed within the campaign contracts to the balance of the multiple referrers within the 2key campaign contract, and kept in the 2key campaign contract until each of the referrers decides to withdraw them.

(3) Rewards can (almost) always be cashed out to stable coin: while referrers looking to cash out 2KEY will have to wait for the public trading release date (anticipated to be very near to the network launch), they can always cash out their 2KEY back to stable coin and into their private wallets, as long as these 2KEY tokens originated from an ETH/DAI purchase or stake.


Step by Step Token Flow — Purchase/Donation Conversions:

Read More: https://medium.com/2key/2key-token-circulation-system-777b5093f4b0

Token Value via 2Key fee

Moderator Fee

In each conversion, there is also a network maintenance fee paid to the 2key.network admin contract as the default moderator. The fee amount is set in the 2key Admin contract and affects network-wide, and is currently at 2% of conversion event in campaigns with purchase/donation conversion, or 2% of referral reward in campaigns with non-monetary conversion actions. This network fee is sent in 2KEY form to the admin contract’s balance, upon each conversion event and kept there as network staking. Some of these 2KEY tokens may periodically get sent to 0x (“burnt”). This mechanism basically acts to dynamically reduce circulating supply as a way to positively affect the token viability with each new conversion made on the network.

Integrator Fees

2key.network is open to integrators, which are for-profit service providers which may be elected by contractors to provide services within the campaigns, e.g. KYC, AML, conversion validation for off-chain conversions, incentive model optimization, etc.. These integrators charge an agreed fee per-conversion, and thus have a viable business model as long as contractors choose them to serve in their campaigns. The fees may be openly set by the integrators, via supply and demand market forces, as the contractors have to elect integrators to serve in their campaigns, so without competitive pricing, there will be little demand. The integrator fees are paid in 2KEY, and purchased automatically from the exchange contract if needed, by depositing ETH or DAI.

Network Tax

From each fee paid to the moderator or an integrator, a pre-set network tariff in 2KEY is taken and sent to the deep freeze pool which is locked for 10 years. The tariff is defined network-wide in the admin contract and is currently set to 2%. This network tax effectively links between the for-profit business model of integrators and the value of the token economy for the rest of the token holders, by taking some of the 2KEY earned as profit by integrators, and putting it out of circulation, resulting in a decrease of tokens in circulation (thus an increase in the value of remaining tokens)


2KEY : Sources of Token Demand & Strength

  • Referrer Rewards on the network are always in 2KEY — campaign contracts must either be supplied with a 2KEY stake or else ETH/DAI must be paid to trigger the automatic purchase of 2KEY for allowing to activate the campaigns.
  • USD Hedged Rewards can only be activated if purchasing new 2KEY in the context of a campaign — so even if a contractor has 2KEY, he might prefer to purchase more via the campaign in order to hedge the rewards against a stable coin.
  • To activate campaigns a contractor needs to stake 2KEY relative to the type of campaign and the contractor’s reputation (more reputation — less stake)
  • POS 2KEY mining in MPSNs — Once the MPSN solution is launched the state channel per campaign will be maintained by browsers, both of participants as today, but also of miners, these miners will be chosen to participate in campaigns in a POS manner, whereby the more 2KEY they stake, the higher the chances they will be raffled to validate and mine transactions in the MPSNs (Which will earn them more 2KEY). 
  • The monthly community rewards model optimizes for 2 parameters:  Work-in economy — the more you participate, the more reputation you earn you get, and the more 2KEY you stake that month, the more 2KEY you get in the rewards, and the monthly rewards greatly favor both. 

Green lights

  • Two years non stop development with 13 full time developers.
  • Fully working product with over 900.000 lines of code.
  • Innovative layer 2 scaling solution.
  • Highly efficient and talented C – Level Team.
  • First block-chain based product that we have seen that we are actually excited about.
  • Very strong token utilities, inverse equity models.
  • Fully working product that directly increases the value of the token. 
  • Token Burns and 10 year deep freezes of tokens

red flags

  • Quite high valuation.
  • It still needs to be seen if people will adopt smartlinks.
Full overview

2Key Network Overview:

What is 2key Network: 

The digital ad sector is controlled by a handful of companies. While blockchain solutions have tried to combat this centralization, they haven’t attracted the masses because the solutions are incompatible with Web 2.0, and the blockchains they are built on fall short on either security, scalability, or decentralization. 

2Key Network is disrupting the sector by creating a seamless solution: integrating smart contracts into HTML links. Smart Links are compatible with not only the Web 3.0, but also the Web 2.0 as everyone on the net already utilizes/shares links. The Smart Link natively tracks who a link has been shared with and, if a link leads to a revenue-driving action, every sharer gets a share of the pie. 2Key Network is democratizing distribution of value by enhancing something people already do: share links. To support network demands, 2Key is built on its own second-layer Ethereum solution that crushes the blockchain trilemma.

2Key Labs: The Protocol

With 2key links, the campaign smart contract constructs a multi-party state channel originating from the initiator of the campaign to the referrers. This DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) structure is built dynamically as referrals progress through the campaign. The referrers are guaranteed their reward pending conversions generated downstream from them in the referral graph.

In stark advantage to other state channel solutions, with the 2key Protocol there is no requirement for initial knowledge of the parties involved. In fact, the originator has no prior knowledge regarding who the eventual referrers or converters will be. This echoes with the fact that the 2key Protocol is embedded to HTTP, in a way which is etheric to web2.0, and allows these multi-party state channels to distribute web-wide, across borders of countries, applications, and platforms.

2key’s unique novelty is in building the state channel through the cryptographically signed links — the 2key “Smart Links.” This allows for the link to store information, about its origin and value that can be passed through the link, which runs completely decentralized without storing the data on any centralized servers. 

2Key Products & Network

The 2Key Network is already fully running and can be used currently even without 2key tokens, as for every conversion, DAI (Maker) tokens are being hedged until the 2Key Token generation event goes live. You can try and use the 2key Network right now to help you with your marketing and referral campaigns at: https://ropsten.app.2key.network/

Referrals are just one of many applications of smartlinks. Currently, 2key already built user-friendly interfaces for several huge applications such as referral campaigns, Tokens sales, donation campaigns and much more being developed already. 

Generating Token Sales with 2Key

Generating new Token Sales has never been easier: 2Key built a user-friendly solution for anybody to sell tokens. Up until now, only ICOs ran token sales for millions of dollars, but with the 2key network, people can start a micro token sale in minutes and kick start their development. 

All users need to make their own personal token sale is an ERC20 wallet. 2Key is fully integrated with Metamask or ledger. Once your wallet is connected to the 2key protocol, users can start to describe their Token Campaign. Once users have added all the description that they need to optimal describe their project they are then asked if they want to make a new ERC20 Token or use 2Key Network to distribute an existing ERC20 Token.

We are now generating our very own DOG Token on the Ethereum Testnet. Next, we need to set the token price for our very own DOG Token. We already have a smart contract address and have set the funding currency to be ETH. We can also choose USD, 2KEY or DAI.


2Key then asks users to set a token price, bonuses, campaign lengths, and most importantly the 2key referral percentages that will be automatically distributed among all of the participants in the link chain. 





2Key Network

ICOs Found


Medium - High

  • Sebastian and Stas – founders of wings one of the earliest ICOs in the space.
  • All advisors are very close to the team and have calls on a weekly basis.



  • 13 full time and 5 part time employees
  • Erez Kiki is one of the leading people of people pushing Blockchain adoption.
  • CTO and tech team are absolutely brilliant. 
  •  Very well structured and organized Team structure.



  • Working with DAO Maker so Hype will come.
  • Currently very stealth project.



  • Token burns and deep freezes of tokens.
  • Strong token utility, with over 9 different products.
  • Low initial supply, with a token unlock over 10 years.
  • Hardcap of $6,000,000 USD

Github & Tech

2Key Public Github 

With over 4000 commits and almost 400 releases, the 2key github account is one of the most code heave accounts that we have ever come across. 2Key Network has presented all their 12 different smart contracts on their website for anybody to audit. 



Erez Ben Kiki


eiTan LaVi


Udi Ben-Reuven

Chief Scientist

Andrii Pindiura

Director of Engineering

Shlomi Zfira

Senior Full Stacker

David Semenduev

Senior Blockchain & Data Engineer

Dr. Yoram Kornatzky

Senior Algorithms & Blockchain Developer

Nikola Madjarevic

Director of Blockchain R&D

Mark Shvartsman

UI/UX Director

Ivan Gusak

Front-End Developer

Idan Portal

Back-End Engineer

Hadas Miron

Graphic Designer

Netta Richter

Director of Content

Team Member

Nadav Mizrahi

Graphic Designer

Priel Hackim

Art Director

Ma Lourdes Viado

QA Engineer


ICO DOG Opinion:

Over the past 2 years we have been heavily involved in the ICO space. We spoke to 100s of projects and flew around the world to meet interesting and upcoming projects. Since 2019, we decided the only way to do research is by spending at least 1 week with the teams, working with them on the ground. Investing in startups is essentially investing into people. The only way to get a deep understanding of how these teams think and work is to be there with them. 

We were extremely impressed by how 2keys leadership manages their company. Running 18 developers for almost 2 years on a very small budget is not easy. It requires discipline and teamwork. Many projects just work until they have enough to raise more. 

What puts 2Key apart from any other project that we have seen is their extreme perfectionism towards their own product. Over the past 2 years, 2Key has developed the most extensive Dapp we have ever seen, built on very innovative technology that could be the key for pushing blockchain adoption.

For more information, we would highly recommend reading the 2Key Medium articles that explain all their work in more detail. 












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ICO Dog is a curated directory of the best crypto news resources.
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ICO Dog is a curated directory of the best crypto news resources.
We’re transforming crypto reviews to it’s best!.