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Staramba creates the ultimate cryptocurrency powered celebrity VR Universe!

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Staramba, founded in 2014, is a listed company from Berlin, Germany. With their VR project STARAMBA.spaces users can meet, connect and interact with their favorite stars, idols, friends and even strangers. Access to exclusive star content and stake a claim of a new world. Buying, renting, selling and creating parts of the next-level social VR universe.


It already features: Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, FC Bayern Munich, German national football team, Kiss, Linkin Park Celebrity packed VR with its own currency that even the Pope endorsed and has its 3D character!


Despite many technical innovations in the VR space, most of today’s available offers lack any connection with people’s real life experiences. Until now there has been no VR product where you can maybe play, meet up, buy and act as you would in the real world.



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Staramba ICO Review: Token Metrics & Economics

The maximum number of STARAMBA.Tokens is initially restricted to 1 billion. This amount can only be expanded if, following the introduction of STARAMBA.Tokens into freely accessible for public trading, the price per Token continuously exceeds 1 USD for for more than 30 days.
Token Name: Staramba.Token
10% private & pre-sale, 5% convertible loans
45% crowdsale
If not all tokens have been issued by the end of the ITO, the reminder will be transferred to a reserve for passive
supply management of the currency quantity (in intervals of 50 million, depending on the average minimum price.

Green lights

  • Well known and successful company, that since it was founded in 2014, its turnover has soared from €250,000 to €16 mln as of 2017.
  • Well established Partnerships with world known companies such as Hilton, several large football teams, bands and other celebrities.
  • The staramba stocks have been soaring since 2014 almost increased by 350% in the past 2 years.
  • Large team.
  • A lot of mainstream cover about staramba.

red flags

  • Hardcap is much too high for the current market situation and for a P2P VR currency. We would strongly recommend to reduce the cap.
  • Token metrics and economics are unclear, or not well thought-through.
  • Token value appreciation is not well explained.
  • No mention of the current status of the blockchain development.
  • No staking in the currency, token economics quite weak. Seems to have been designed by someone with limited cryptocurrency background.
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Staramba ICO Review

Stramba ICO Overview

Cryptocurrencies or as some call them digital currencies are on of the leading technological leaps that humanity took in the past century. The virtual world become more and more important in our daily life. Stramba is a leading VR company from Germany took the opportunity to become of the the leading virtual worlds with their own Native currency the STT token.   In the Virtual Reality people meet each other in person, wherever they want and whenever they want. Our VR world STARAMBA ICO space smake possible to meet celebrities in person. To talk with them and to interact with them. Play football with the Superstar you like. Learn the guitar with the musician you adore. And create fashion with the celebrity you love. Users are able to create own content – in their MyStarCity. And they can decorate with original digital merchandise products.


Stramaba ICO Company Details

Stramaba is an established company that is listed on the stock exchange in Frankfurt. With over 100+ employees Stramaba is one of the leading Virtual reality platforms in the world.


Stramaba Quick Facts:

Trading Market Cap: 88.66 M (Trading Chart)

Trading on XETRA, Frankfurt, Berlin

Turnover 2017: 10M EURO

The company currently has more than 100 employees from 23 countries, with offices in Berlin and Los Angeles. Since it was founded in 2014, its turnover has soared from €250,000 to €16 mln as of 2017.


ICOs Found


Low - Medium

  • Advisors have no relavance to blockchain or cryptocurrencies.
  • Advisors show strong association to Staramba, but none to the ICO Staramba.



  • Could not find Dev. with Blockchain Exp.
  • Business team is very experienced
  • VR development is world class.
  • Team is very large compared to other ICO
  • Team needs more development side in regards to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
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Staramba ICO Review: TEAM & Advisors

Christian Daudert – Staramba ICO Founder, President and CEO

Experience: 20 years experience in the introduction of new technologies to the world of sport & entertainment.  

Rainer Hjort – COO at STARAMBA ICO

Experience: 15+ years in IT and operations  

Martin Bauernfeind – CPO at Staramba

Experience: 20 years in 2D / 3D production  

Marc O. Kneifel – CTO

Experience: Inventor of the 3D INSTAGRAPH, 3 year Scanner R & D
with a team of 10.
Thomas Richter – Chief Advisor to CEO of Staramba
Experience: 20 years in the music and entertainment industry


Medium - High

  • Staramba ICO had a decent amount of hype when they first announced their ICO. They were featured in several crypto mainstream media platforms. However they lost a lot of attraction and currently have little to no awerness about their project.


Low - Medium

  • Hardcap is much too high for the current market situation and for a P2P VR currency. We would strongly recommend to reduce the cap.
  • Token economics on the WP is not clear for many retail investors. Token lifecycle needs to be more clear.
  • Promising disproportional increase in token value is a massive red flag, promised 1000% price appreciations!
  • Unsold tokens are not Burned but kept in the treasury, big negative for ICO investors.
  • No clear defined Vesting schedules for Team, Advisors and Investors.
  • Token name is pretty bad.


Christian Daudert


Rainer Hjort


Marc O. Kneifel



Thomas Richter

Chief Advisor


Business Partner
Business Partner


Staramba ICO Review: Conclusion

Staramba is a well organized and established multi million dollar VR company from germany. The team proved their ability to successfully scale and lead a large business. Their stock price increase over 300% in just 2 years after they launched public trading on the Frankfurter Exchange, however it feels like the staramba team underestimated the amount of work and skill that goes into raising money for a new cryptocurrency.


Many large established companies see crypto mainstream media and read about Whitepaper ICO raising 50 million USD for their project. They come to the conclusion that with their established business their token is already worth a lot more and raising money should not be a problem. However the problem with that is, it does not work that way. An ICO is a whole new project, that should be completely independent from the existing company.


The idea of using a virtual cryptocurrency for a large established VR world makes a lot of sense, and other project have proven that VR is a great use case for blockchain. One of the major concerns when building a pure currency ICO, is to get very good advisors that help build a solid token Metrics and token economic structure. We feel like that this was not the case with staramba.


In conclusion, we think that staramba can still become a profitable investment for their ICO investors, as they can leverage their existing business, and are one of the leading companies in the space. ICO DOG was very bullish on decentraland ICO, which is currently holding even in these markets at 375% gains from their ICO price. If staramba, redesigns their token metrics and introduces incentives for users to hold their token, such as staking and other methods, we belive that this currency could become a great long term hold. One of the main concerns is their very large hardcap for a currency project, with existing platform. We do not see the need for raising this much money.











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ICO Dog is a curated directory of the best crypto news resources.
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ICO Dog is a curated directory of the best crypto news resources.
We’re transforming crypto reviews to it’s best!.