The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of a bullish momentum at the moment (Wednesday, 13th March 2019 11.03 EAT). The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is struggling to cross the $4,000 USD resistance level after seeing a 5% increase since the start of the week. The “alt season”, a period that sees altcoins soar in price without much influence from Bitcoin, is here as tokens across the board are experiencing big daily gains. Or it could yet be a false signal which could lead to another selloff. In both instances, traders and investors need to be ready to make their move to make profits and avoid losses.

Trading cryptocurrencies is heavily carried out on desktops and laptops today as the interface provides a better platform for trade. However, you will not be able to carry your PC around every time to make a trade remotely as the news breaks or technical indicators show price movement. One device that you carry often more than not, is your mobile phone. Whether you are at a store, fast food eating your fries, or in the kitchen making a sandwich, most people have their phone with them.

Cryptocurrency trading exchanges are adopting the mobile app versions to allow traders to never miss a trade. In this article, we focus on the best cryptocurrency trading mobile applications in the industry today.



Binance cryptocurrency exchange ranks as the largest exchange in daily trade volume worldwide. The exchange offers users with a wide variety of over 350 cryptocurrency pairs to trade against one another. The downside is that the exchange is yet to integrate the major world currencies across the world. Users in Europe and the U.K can buy and sell cryptocurrency on the exchange using the British Pound or Euro.  

Image showing four screenshots of the Binance mobile application including the markets and funds page

Currently, Binance is available on Android only with the iOS application in the works. Cryptocurrency traders on the exchange can also trade on the Windows and MacOS desktop applications. There are over one million downloads for the Android app as at time of writing making it one of the most prominent mobile trading apps.



Robinhood is a mobile-based cryptocurrency trading application available on Android and iOS. The app was launched back in 2018 claiming to offer reduced trading fees on the platform. Robinhood allows users to trade major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Robinhood official logo


Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange

Coinbase ranks as one of the largest and most prestigious cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry today. The US-based exchange offers users a quick way to buy digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) using fiat cash. The company is expanding its token base to include more assets to trade as well as opening up the geographical area to trade on the platform.

Image courtesy of Coinbase exchange

The top US crypto exchange has a web version to trade and mobile version of the application on iOS and Android. The Coinbase app does not stop at trading but allows the user to spend their cryptocurrency too. The app shows you the various cryptocurrency accepting points around you at the moment.

The application is still heavily criticized for the high fees it charges and geographical boundaries to European Union and the United States citizens only.


Enjin Wallet

This has been one of the sensational stories in the past month as Enjin Wallet was launched on the Galaxy S10. The company behind the wallet also created the Enjin coin, the first gaming cryptocurrency. This mobile application is currently only available to Android users.

Enjin Wallet application on the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Enjin wallet is not a trading app per se but is one of the most powerful and secure digital wallets in the market today. The wallet application comes with the option of using Enjin’s own secure keyboard and optionally randomized keys.

“If you lose your phone, you can restore your wallet on another device by simply writing 12 words on a piece of paper and scanning it using the app.”


Blockfolio tracker application

Blockfolio tracker mobile application

The final cryptocurrency trading application to look out for in 2019, is Blockfolio, an app designed to help traders manage and keep in check their crypto portfolio. This is a free app available for both Android and iOS users in their respective app stores.

The cryptocurrency trading tracker has gained much appreciation from the community with over 500,000 downloads for the app. The application offers the users with real-time prices, charts, and statistics of the cryptocurrency assets. Notwithstanding, Blockfolio offers news and events on various cryptocurrencies to keep you in the loop before making any trade.


The list above is in no way exhaustive as there are hundreds, if not thousands of applications to assist cryptocurrency traders to make their bets. These mentioned, however, are essential to any new cryptocurrency investor to ease their ride in the crypto trading world. With the increase in such apps the probability of global adoption of cryptocurrencies increases as more people become familiar with trading.

Share with us any thoughts, recommendations, and additions to the list of best cryptocurrency trading applications above.

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