Bidooh ICO Review

Blockchain provides decentralized services, and that’s great. However, that’s not enough to build a product that can become a major business. Some blockchain startups have realized this so they try to tout security as their main offering; that’s not enough either.

We live in a world where business is cut-throat. Offering existing services with a dash of extra security doesn’t cut it. People have become adjusted to startups completely changing a market dynamic while doing so in a way that is convenient and easy. Right now, there’s no better way to disrupt a market than with an app. Bidooh is giving anyone an easy way to market on billboards straight from their phones.

No Agents, Just Your Phone

Marketing is a huge industry and billboard marketing, while not as important as it used to be, still exists. Bidooh is creating technology that allows billboards to detect important features of those who view it. With this data, advertisers can improve billboard ads in real-time. Such technology completely recreates the concept of billboard marketing, but Bidooh’s founders know that a unique idea isn’t enough. There has to be added convenience and complete market disruption. 

Most businesses are small and run by a single person or family. They lack big marketing departments but still need to market their service or product. They typically have no option but to book agents that get them ad spaces, whether it be for digital ads or physical ads. Billboard slots are no different. 

Bidooh not only makes billboards a better marketing option than they currently, it also removes the middleman and makes sure people can access it themselves from the convenience of their phone. This is a big plus for small businesses that want to market outdoors. Since they just need to open an app and press a few buttons to have their ad up, they can easily handle outdoor marketing on their own.

This is how disruption is fueled; make the product (billboards) more appealing and valuable than it ever was while giving the customer easier and cheaper access to it. 


Up and Running

Bidooh’s technology is already available and is being used in a few places. The challenge will be how the team can get this technology across the world. This is a very asset-heavy business and setting up billboards all over the world is a tough ask. The company intends to incorporate others’ billboards into their network and that seems like a good option for long-term scalability. 

Thus, it’s likely that Bidooh’s current billboards will serve as a good proof of functionality to billboard owners across the world. Bidooh will likely become a b2b service that’ll sell sensor technology and will turn its app into a marketplace for billboard ad-space. 





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