Bidooh ICO Review

Most utility tokens have failed to build a demand because it is hard to make them essential to the platform without forcing non-cryptocurrency users from being excluded from the product. Most of the world doesn’t even know about utility tokens let alone buy them. This is the difficult challenge that has demolished the prices of utility tokens. 

For a project to reach its full potential, it needs to facilitate fiat use while offering some unique benefit to token users–otherwise, why would you participate in an ICO? 

Let’s go back to crowdfunding at its roots. When crowdfunding first started on sites like Kickstarter, people who wanted to launch a project offered a deep discount on an actual product to anyone who would buy it in the crowdfunding stage. They did not limit the sale of the product to only the crowdfunding stage but made sure early interest was rewarded with savings. An ICO by a unique marketing company called Bidooh is restating the crowdfunding formats of the gone days. 

What is Bidooh?

Bidooh is a billboard marketing company. While we think that billboard marketing is a dead industry and any startup targeting that is a short-term project, Bidooh has a surprise. 

Bidooh has created a new type of billboard that is a technological marvel. Bidooh’s billboards come with sensors that are able to detect important aspects of people that walk by. This allows the billboard to gather enough data to allow advertisers to improve ads for that demographic near the billboard. This is the first time that billboards will be creating dynamic ads because they will provide advertisers with data on people who see the ad. 

This technology isn’t something unique. We already have sensors and data crunching is a basic aspect of web marketing. Bidooh just takes things that work and puts them into a product that desperately needs technological intervention. Bidooh is taking functional technology and is utilizing it in billboards to improve the net value offering of a billboard. 

Raising Capital for Bidooh

Instead of promising access to a future product, Bidooh is selling tokens that give access to the ads on its already-functional billboards at a huge discount; more billboards on the way. 

Anyone who does not use tokens can still use Bidooh’s billboards.

However, if you participate in the crowdfunding, you get early Kickstarter-style discounts on placing ads. Given that every business needs to place ads, this is a steal for businesses that are located near Bidooh’s current billboards; locations are detailed in the whitepaper

How much of a steal is it?

Each ICO token, called DOOH, buys 10 seconds of ad-time on a billboard. They cost $0.0005 while actual ad-time on the billboard starts at $0.014. This means crowdfunding make sure people who would use the billboards can get early buys at over 95% off.

These are huge discounts for early buys of a product that at least some people would be happy to use. The over 95% off price is a good buy for a marketer or business that wants to use billboards for outdoor ads.


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