Crypto Revolt is a new crypto trading software scam that was launched last year in November. It follows on the typical get rich quick scams that lure gullible investors with the promise of generous returns. On its website, it asks visitors to join, and they will become rich.

Users are promised they will make a lot of money using the trading software since it utilizes a laser-accurate performance indicator that boasts superior award-winning technology.


History Of Crypto Revolt

Crypto Revolt is a third generation scam website. If you check its website, you will notice striking semblance with that of another crypto scam known as Bitcoin Evolution which was launched a year before Crypto Revolt. The company has copied everything on the website from the content to the outline.

Bitcoin Revolution itself was one of the many copy scam trading schemes that spun from BitcoinTrader which was the first and most popular trading scam in the crypto industry when it came out.


Features Offered On Crypto Revolt

  • The trading software claims to have laser accurate performance and also superior technology that has been created using the most advanced programming which the trading world has ever seen.
  • The company assures users that they can make a minimum of at least $1100 in profits within a single day. It also features testimonies of members that have made over one million USD in just two months. Interestingly on top of all the benefits, the company promises it doesn’t charge any commissions.
  • The site also states that members of its community only work for twenty minutes on average since the software handles all the trading. It’s a feature that is meant to lure people that want quick earning without putting in the work.
  • Crypto Revolt promises a 99.4 percent success rate because its trading software is 0.01 seconds ahead of the crypto market.
  • The software is available for free to members of the Crypto Revolt community, and all new members have to do is signup on the official website, and they have the software.  Given that the site claims the trading software is the best out there, it’s interesting that its available for free.
  • The company denies being a multi-level marketing scheme which it apparently is given that existing users earn commissions if they bring in new users through affiliate links.
  • The site also features a bunch of testimonials from individuals who claim to have changed their lives due to the trading software that helped them make a lot of money. Again all these testimonies are fake, and they are meant to lure people in.
  • It also claims to have won numerous awards with the latest being the number one trading software award from the US trading association.
  • Finally, there is a section that displays live profit results which are supposedly from the Crypto Revolt app. It’s an automated widget that any website developer can add. The results even though they look impressive there is no way of confirming if they are real or not. Obviously, like everything on the website, they are fake, and they are part of the tactics in play to lure users in.
  • To get started on the website users need to register for free and then fund their accounts with at least $250 to begin trading.


Fake News

On November 24, 2018, the NZ Herald featured a story of Sonny Bill Williams, a star rugby player who was unknowingly used by Crypto Revolt to hook users into the money making scam. Crypto Revolt runs all their propaganda on Facebook, and they had a story of Williams telling two popular Tv show hosts how delighted he was that his wife earned more money than him online.

 According to the fake story, the All Black star appeared on the show to discuss how his wife, Alana Raffie, the mother of his three children was the “real breadwinner” of the family.

It was quite an impressive claim given that Williams has earned millions throughout his professional rugby career. He was quoted saying   “Well, the fact is that she has made more money than me without even leaving the house. It took her a couple of days to get the hang of it, but then she got really good at this amazing computer programme called Crypto Revolt!”

He goes on to explain how to use the “specially developed software” to make money online while trading cryptocurrencies.

The website has already been exposed as a get rich quick scam by The site is designed to inform crypto traders of fake Bitcoin and other crypto trading signals.

It calls Crypto Revolt a software that can’t be trusted. Adding that people are better off never signing up on the app.

Also, there have been other fake news ads featuring the likes of Richard Branson and Elon Musk that have been running on Google and Facebook trying to promote Crypto Revolt.

These type of scams rely on opportunity seekers that are not willing to put in the work to earn their fair share. It’s the reason why big media companies that sell advertisement spaces get paid premium rates as these opportunity seekers are willing to click on phony adverts and invest in different scams.

It’s important to note that depending on your geographical location you will be exposed to promotional material that is relevant to you.



At the end of the day, Crypto Revolt is a scam that any crypto trader should avoid. Even the best trading software that exists in the market today don’t guarantee users daily or monthly profits.

 The company doesn’t offer any historical data of performance that backs their claims of guaranteed success. This means there is no way for new members to measure the risk of using crypto trading software.

Also, the website lacks transparency which is a definite red flag. It doesn’t feature any information about the company behind it which makes it completely anonymous.

So, the people that are operating the website are not answerable to any government regulator, and in case its members have issues they have no one to address them.


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