Dispatch Labs is a blockchain protocol that leverages on chain smart contracts to enable distributed storage of application data off-chain. The platform is a distributed ledger solution for businesses as they try to move their operations to the blockchain. Its overall goal is to help enterprises to migrate to the blockchain without sacrificing functionality or speed.

The platform’s smart contracts instruct how data can be governed, accessed and linked just like it’s the case with traditional SaaS-based (centralized architecture). Launched in 2018 the platform has a total token supply of 25 billion, and its token symbol is DAN.

All in all, businesses stand to benefit after moving to the distributed architecture of Dispatch as they become less susceptible to security breaches and hacks through a platform that is cheaper to deploy and manage.

The Team Behind Dispatch Labs

The California registered company is made up of a blend of academics, entrepreneurs, technologists, and business development personnel.


MattMcGraw: Dispatch Labs CEO

Matt McGraw is the Chief Executive Officer. He is an entrepreneur who possesses the expertise to scale businesses quickly. In the past, he has led and watched over a wide range of tech companies. However, now he is focused on technologies that have the potential to disrupt hierarchies.


Zane Witherspoon: Dispatch Labs CTO

Zane Witherspoon is the Chief Technology Officer. He is an experienced distributed system specialist and blockchain architect. Also, a Zane is a blockchain expert and author who is renown within the industry. Currently, he serves as an advisor on the board of four California based blockchain companies.


Patrik Wijkstrom: Dispatch Labs COO

Patrik Wijkstorm is the Chief Operating Officer. He boasts over two decades of experience in marketing, sales, team building, application development, and team building.


Diane Blattner: Dispatch Labs Chief of Staff

Diane Blattner Kresal is the Chief of Staff. She has over 20 years of experience as a project and operations manager. Her primary focus is on building well organized, resilient and adaptive systems. Kresal holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco and exudes diversity of leadership from tech consulting, to marketing to publishing.


The Technology Used By Dispatch Labs

The Dispatch network boasts a combination of innovative technologies which are combined with the best existing blockchain protocols. The network allows for smooth interactions from different parties on and off-chain.

All transactions are handled on the shared ledger. However, artifacts or data is handled in the DAN (Dispatch Artifact Network).
The DAN runs on many different protocols like the proof-of-Retrievability (PoR) to ensure that artifacts are available, the proof-of-Replication (PoRep) to resist Sybil attacks, Kademlia DHT that aids with Artifact discovery and Make-it-Happen (MiH) protocol that helps with efficient transfers of artifacts.

The Dispatch platform is designed to be a robust disruptive force within the cryptocurrency world; however, the team strives to achieve this responsibly. The platform plans to enable a wide range of new dApps that are focused on real-world usage and also that have the capacity for mass adoption. So far, peer-to-peer marketplaces, streaming services, content delivery networks, and big data analytics are some of the few cases that can transition to the blockchain using Dispatch.

The platform is both a decentralized network where future data-intensive computational applications can be built as well as a place where individuals or dApp developers can sell, store or distribute content, files, data, and information.


Benefits Offered By Dispatch Labs

1. The platform is developer friendly. The DVM is easy to build on. It’s also backward compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and this makes porting to the platform fast.
2. It’s versatile. The platform supports any form of data and uses smart contracts to allow various custom properties per dApp. Management of off-chain data which is referred to as artifacts in the Dispatch Artifact Network is also enabled.
3. It’s secure. The platform uses a Proof-of-Replication protocol that protects against Sybil attacks. There is also proof-of Retrievability which ensures all farmers are holding individually encrypted artifacts.

Dispatch is an evolution of the blockchain technology and has been built with three core principles in mind;

1. Scalability – The platform uses a new consensus algorithm known as Delegated Asynchronous Proof-of-Stake (DAPoS) that can achieve a high transaction throughput without charging any fees. The algorithm will make use of dApps more practical for businesses. 

2. The protocol is backward compatible with the Ethereum Virtual machine and its smart contracts. The platform uses a modified version of the EVM, i.e. the Dispatch Virtual Machine (DVM). The new protocol is compatible with many dApps that are currently under development. DVM is designed to help dApp developers to build smart contracts that contain data-intensive business logic.

3. The platform can handle a lot of data –This will help the platform to cater to companies that have large businesses logic which in ordinary cases can’t fit in a shared ledger. The platform expands on the functionality of Ethereum smart contracts by supporting handling and accessing of big off-chain data while at the same time allowing custom properties per dApp.



Fenbushi is committed to investing in the best blockchain based solutions and protocols that have the potential to democratize global opportunities.

According to terms of the partnership, Dispatch is going to work closely with Fensbushi to capitalize and engage on key strategic opportunities all over Asia.

Bo Shen who is a founding partner at Fenbushi noted that “Dispatch is in an exceptional position to help entrepreneurs and enterprises in multiple industries as they create impactful, data-intensive blockchain application.”


The Roadmap

  •  Dispatch has a clear plan of the goals they need to achieve in 2019 starting with the most critical issue which is education in Q1. There will be an online training for businesses on how the platform supports 3rd party dApps.
  • The second quarter of the year will see expanded online training that will include developers and also businesses on 3rd party dApps support.
  • The third quarter will see the launch of the Dispatch labs University. The first offline training will be held where ongoing 3rd party dApps support will be covered. Also, the quarter will see the first Dispatch developers conference held.
  • In Q4 the Dispatch certification program will be launched, and also there will be ongoing 3rd party dApps support.


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