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Evermarkets ICO Overview

EverMarkets is a new cryptocurrency that wants to revolutionize the global futures market by providing a platform that is able to; incorporate all future trades, has low fees and is easily accessible to people worldwide. Anyone with basic knowledge about the futures market knows that the volume and liquidity in it as a whole, are both enormous with billions of dollars being traded and signed into contracts on a daily basis. The evermarkets goal is not only to tap into the future market but to become a full-fledged alternative by providing higher quality and efficiency for significantly lower fees to everyone that accesses their platform.
Let’s be clear, this is an undertaking that aims for an insane goal: Bringing on an aspect of the financial market, the Futures Market, into the world of cryptocurrency and making it easily accessible to anyone intending to participate. With such a large-scale endeavor, especially concerning this complex industry, the team and their credentials are essentially important. Without clarity about the team’s capabilities there is no need to check any further about the details of this project, therefore the team is the first item on the list of this blog.
Two or three years in the finance industry simply won’t suffice as enough experience to get this project going and expanding over time. EverMarkets does not disappoint in this aspect and has a team along with advisors that are truly industry veterans with long successful careers. In this team, seven whole years is the minimum any of them have worked in a field relevant to this project. The industry titans in which EverMarkets’ team worked and established their careers are names known everywhere in the world, even to people without any knowledge about financial markets. With that said have a look at the team yourself as they appear on their official website:

Evermarkets Team

evermarkets team

As one might already imagine after taking a good look at the team’s credentials, the advisors on board exhibit the same high quality and long careers in relevant industries:
The project already has a number of international partners coming from East Asia and the West as well as an entire law firm with approximately 740 attorneys.

evermarkets advisorsevermarkets ico investors

Now that we know which people the team, advisors, and partners are comprised of, one can assuredly say that they are more than able to deliver on their projects ambitions and goals. This means it’s time to get to the details of what EverMarkets is all about. The futures market includes vehicles (finance terminology for a specific investment having attributes that are intended to accomplish certain goals) such as traditional equity indexes, bonds, and commodity futures. In a nutshell, EverMarkets aims to make trading with these type of vehicles easier, fairer and most of all cheaper than ever before. To further illustrate this point and make it easily understandable for people new to the world of finance EverMarkets has the following illustration:

Buying futures & stocks

buying stocks and futures with evermarkets

How is all of this connected to EverMarkets new cryptocurrency: The EVR Token? The team shows that incorporating all the different aspects of the futures market onto one platform isn’t as unachievable and complex as one might first believe. The exact way in which the EVR token will be used once the platform takes off is illustrated here:

Evermarkets Token (EVR)

introduction to the evermarkets (evr) token


Here are major points as to what EverMarkets has to offer and why it is a great alternative to the current futures market.
Trading any contract from all over the world on a single platform
· Everyone is equally treated and has equal access to the best fees and market data
· There are absolutely no barriers between countries, meaning one can sell and buy futures at any given time from all over the world
· The inaugural products used by EverMarkets are compatible with contracts from existing exchanges, which makes for a smooth transition
Trading with significantly lower fees
· Excessive clearing, exchange and brokerage fees are a thing of the past on EverMarkets platform
· Blockchain technology dramatically reduces trading costs
Trade any contract with precise and speedy execution
· EverMarkets does not favor the fastest traders. Speed-sensitive continuous order books are eschewed and instead periodic pro-rata call auctions are used
· This exclusive microstructure serves to; reduce volatility, improve execution of large orders lessens susceptibility to “flash crashes”
For questions concerning liquidity and legitimacy and other topics the EverMarkets official website provides the following graphic that provides assurance and information:

Evermarkets Conclusion

I believe that EverMarkets ICO is a really simple choice for investment. Here’s why I am saying this so bluntly: The credentials of the team are insane and compared to what I have seen in other currencies’ teams, of highly-rated ICOs mind you, they are right at the very top. All of these people have already made significant amounts of money years ago and would have no reason to half-heartedly launch, and waste their valuable time with, some useless attempt at revolutionizing the futures market that would only gain them confused looks from their peers. The strategy is sound and the groundwork for the launch as well as the time after it is already finished and has undergone testing.
With Evermarkets ICO the short term gain certainly seems promising but what I am really looking forward to are the long-term implications this new cryptocurrency will have on the world of finance. For short-term gains, I rate Evermarkets ICO 9/10 and in the long term, I give it 10/10 simply because of the ridiculous potential that the billions and billions in the futures market provide as well as the currently known simple yet efficient design of the platform and its abilities.

evermarkets capabilities

Overall Rating for Evermakets ICO: 90.12%