“Once in a while, somebody comes along who doesn’t just raise the bar, but creates an entirely new standard of measurement. “

It seems that most ICOs have regarded community management as a necessary evil. To them, community = easy money. But actually managing this community proves to be harder than expected.

This disrespect towards their investors is one of the leading causes of ICO downfalls. Blockchain technology that allows companies to work like economies; to establish democracy within their organization.

The biggest benefit of any cryptocurrency is the power of distributed efforts where everyone works for the success of the project. In other words, it incentivizes token holders to help the project on a micro scale all over the world.

We, however, think that our community is our greatest asset. Getting tokens into the right hands should be the top priority for any project, as this bootstraps marketing, business development, open source development and, most importantly, causes a healthy dose of memes. After all, we know that he who controls the memes, controls the world.

Every LTO token holder becomes part of the team, as they have a small stake in the ecosystem, and therefore an incentive to help the ecosystem grow. We want to build a community that helps us build the rocket that gets us all to the moon, instead of a community that keeps shooting ‘when moon’, or ‘when lambo’ in the telegram groups.



The Community Platform

What can you do with the points that you have been staking up? There is a short and a long answer to this question.

The short answer is, the more points you have the better you do within your group (role). There are 4 major groups of community members:

  • No Coiners                        (around 80% of users)
  • ERC 20 Holders                (around 10% of all registered users)
  • Mainnet Hodlers                (around 8% of all registered users)
  • Reputable Members          (around 2% of all registered users)

Each group gets its own allocation of tokens that is shared among the members of their group. The proportion of the group  allocation you receive depends on several factors, such as:

  • Amount of tokens held (non-linear increase)
  • Time a User holds tokens  (non-linear increase)
  • Points earned
  • User engagement level, accumulating or dumping tokens, active on Telegram or not.
  • Reputation (only applies to the last group of users)

This is just a simplified version of the whole picture. This calculation does not show the formula, but rather gives a basic understanding of how the system works.

No Coiners

If you do NOT have ERC 20 or Mainnet tokens, you will get some token rewards, but only a very small amount. There will be a pot of tokens that will be given to all users who fall into this category. Here is how this will work:

Example reward token allocation:  100.000 LTO

Number of users without any tokens: 12500

Total Points earned by all users without tokens: 2.150.500

Example user total points earned: 3500

Formula: (Example_User_Points/Total_Point_ALL_Users_Witout_Tokens) * Total_Allocation

= (3500/2.150.000)*100.000

= 162 LTO

As you can see, not a lot is rewarded because there are over 10.030 users without tokens to compete against. The goal is to incentivize the community to actually work together, using token rewards, but show that creative (non-binary work) behavior is incentivized much more than simply leaving bot-replies on reddit, for instance.

Community Members

LTO ERC20 tokens holders

If you are holding ERC20 tokens in your registered community wallet, then you will count as a community member. Community members have several perks.

For example, they get access to the private discord channel. There are certain moments in time when the telegram channel is full of redundant questions (those are fine, but the more experienced community members would want to engage on more a fundamental level)During those times we will turn on the community talk function, which will only allow people to write messages if they are part of the community, eg. holding tokens. There will be several other benefits, about which we will go into more details in the near future.

Platform voting process:

An ICO is not a company—it’s an economy, and economies have an elected leadership to help them grow and increase the wealth for everybody within that economy. In order to gain the right to vote, users will have to prove a certain understanding of the project and have a stake in it. Therefore only users with a minimum threshold in points and tokens will be given the option to join the leadership voting processes.


Reward Calculation:

Example reward token allocation:                                                          200.000 LTO

Number of Users with min $100 USD worth of ERC20 tokens:          180 User

Total Points earned by all users with min $100 worth of  Tokens:     150.000 Points

Example User Total Points earned:                                                       3500 Points



(Example_User_Points/Total_Point_ALL_Users_Witout_Tokens) * Total_Allocation

= (3500/150.000)*200.000

= 4666 LTO


This calculation does not take into consideration most of the other variables that determine the exact amount of tokens that the user will receive. It is important that the user is holding the LTO tokens on his own wallet.

Users that buy tokens a day before the distribution will receive less than users that have been holding since the ICO.


We cannot scan exchange addresses: Not your Keys, not your Tokens.


LTO Mainnet token holders

Mainnet Token holders are the true long term holders that have either joined in an early sales round or locked up their tokens on purpose. These people decided to stick with LTO for the long term and have the most benefits from doing so (remember the Bridge Troll).

Benefits of Mainnet holder:

Such members can join the responsibilities groups that have higher payouts and far more influence on LTO. Responsibilities include Marketing, Memes, Open Source Devs, Business development and more.

They can also become Responsibility or Community Leaders if elected by the community.

Join or run a pooled POS. Any mainnet holder can put their tokens to work by running an LTO node or joining a LPoS node to earn more LTO with time.

Higher Rewards for Mainnet Token holders. There are fewer main net token holders and therefore less competition, but the distributed allocation will be bigger for mainnet token holders.

Example Community Reward Calculation:


Example airdrop token allocation:  250.000 LTO

Number of Users with min $100 USD worth of ERC20 tokens: 90 User

Total Points earned by all users with min $100 worth of  Tokens: 75000 Points

Example User Total Points earned: 3500 Points


(Example_User_Points/Total_Point_ALL_Users_Witout_Tokens) * Total_Allocation

= (3500/75.000)*250.000

Around 11.666 LTO

Simple Overview of the basic allocation, this calculation does not show the formula, but rather a very basic version of how it works. The aim here is to give users a general understanding of the system.


Token Holder and Reputable Community Member

In the last category are those members that spend hours every day helping LTO Network in marketing, community management, open source development or run a node community.

The only way to earn a reputation is by manual review or recommendation by another high reputation individual. Reputation can be earned for completing tasks, managing a community, or by showing real engagement day by day.

Users with Reputation can, later on, join or lead a community team. These groups can work on assigned or independent tasks to improve the adoption of the LTO Network ecosystem.

Users can earn reputation by doing more complicated tasks, such as:

  • running a node
  • running a node pool
  • leading a community
  • help on Telegram as admins
  • publishing articles on important websites, such as hackernoon, Alt-Coin news or others.
  • helping with business integrators
  • connecting the team to new potential clients
  • writing blogs
  • publishing videos on the technology of LTO Network.
  • helping the open source development of LTO Network
  • adding new useful features for node pool operators
  • writing telegram bots.
  • creating high-quality memes


All Factors that go into the formula:

The above-given formulas are just a very basic version that determine the final amount of tokens each user will get, several other factors go into the system such as:

  • Amount of token allocation for Group 4 (Reputation holders)
  • Number of Users with a min $100 USD worth of Mainnet tokens
  • Amount of Tokens the user is holding (not a linear function)
  • Total Points earned by all users with min $100 worth of Tokens   
  • User Total Points Earned   
  • How long the Tokens have been held (not a linear functions)
  • Is the user accumulating or dumping tokens over time?
  • Total Reputation earned by the example user.
  • Total Tokens held, Mainnet or ERC20 or Both.


After the first Distribution, we will update the leader board with more details, there you will be able to see who were the best users of the past distribution. This can give you an indicator of what type of work will get paid the most.

Want to know more about it, join us on our Discord and Telegram channels and get into the discussion, or join our 8000 member community on our ICO DOG Investment Platform:


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