Newton Project is a new and unique Chinese E-Commerce blockchain ICO created by one of the founders of Elastos. Newton Project is a blockchain solution with multiple features that will be integrated with future Chinese e-com companies. Investors include top Chinese Venture Capitalist and several of the larger e-commerce companies from China. Being that Xu Jizhe (the co-founder of Elastos) is heading up the project, no doubt it’ll have some similarities between what they are developing and the identity layer of Elastos.



Newton ICO Overview

The aim of the Newton Project is to decentralize the e-commerce process from the beginning to the end with the use of blockchain technology solutions. With digital identities, users can easily manage their own digital assets, such as cryptocurrency, privacy data, personal credit etc. and control access to digital assets. For different types of digital assets, users can set corresponding privacy modes, and set pricing digital assets for payment mode.
The Newton ICO will use Atomic Hashing for supply chain so they can create a unique digital identity for commodities of the whole network. Atomic Hashing creates a key volume map to easily index and poll information from the blockchain, which makes it a far more secure way to store data. Through this digital identity, one can check the relevant information on the commodity at any time in a safe way.
Through smart contract technology, they can pre-set automatic insurance claims and property rights transfer and reduce the transaction conflicts so that to promote efficient cooperation.
They will also look to be able to control digital advertising through the blockchain. Advertisers can set marketing plans through various built-in marketing smart contract templates in the system, including incentive modes, settlement modes, and dynamic price adjustment rules. The cool feature is that they can audit ongoing and completed marketing contracts. By calling out the DAI system, they can conduct market research before marketing activities, and analyze the results after the marketing activities. This is a great tool for advertisers so they can do more focused campaigns on their customers.



Newton ICO Token Economics

Newton Project is still in its early stages, whitepaper and token economics are still unknown so it’s hard to say if it’s a worthwhile investment, but going by the success of Elastos I imagine it could be huge! The total token supply of Elastos is just under 33.5 million ELA with currently a circulating supply of 5,129,268 ELA — according to coinmarketcap.comThese are all healthy numbers and if Newton Project can achieve anything like this it will show some good token economics.
They already have a working Beta Wallet, which you can apply and test on the below link: MVP Beta Wallet


Newton Project Team

As mentioned above the team of 6 is lead by one of the co-founders of Elastos. Xu Jizhe (CEO) was also the founder of Zeuux, which is a community for Free Software Usage in China. Also, notably Li Shubin (Co-founder)was the CEO of OKbuy which is an e-commerce clothing store. All other team members seem to have relevant experience in all aspects of blockchain and e-commerce which is good. A very strong team to say the least!

newton ico team


Newton ICO Advisors

The advisor that stands out most is Han Feng Co-founder of Elastos who also is a visiting scholar & Research Associate at Columbia University. He also is an advisor at Huawei Central Institute which concentrates on fully-connected networks, intelligent computing, and device innovation.
We also have Li Songbo who was the former CTO of Sina(NASDAQ: SINA) a partner of DFJ Venture Capital and Lee Willson who is a Bitcoin Ambassador in Asia.

newton project advisors


Social Media and Hype

As of 6th May 2018, these are the stats:
Telegram: 4,515
Twitter: 580
Medium: 104
It is still very early days for the Newton Project, but even so, 4k Telegram members is a great start. They are definitely heading in the right direction as the team are constantly updating their progress on Medium and also lots of activity on Twitter from the team. On March 25, 2018, the advisor of Newton Project and the famous Bitcoin ambassador Lee Willson was invited as a special guest to participate in the “2018 Block Link Innovation Summit” at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Newton ICO made it’s debut at this conference, so you can see that they are trying to spread the word of their exciting new project at key conferences.



Newton Project Conclusion

As a whole, based on the limited knowledge out there and what we read on their website we believe this could be a very successful ICO. With the previous successes of Elastos they have the benefit of already making the big mistakes when creating Elastos, so the progress of Newton Project should be far more seamless. It’s clear that it has some similarities between what they are developing and the identity layer of Elastos, so I’m sure they are using existing technology and improving it/adapting it to an e-commerce foundation. They also have some big investors and even bigger Chinese e-commerce backing so between having the infrastructure of Elastos and the contact it has massive potential in the Asian market. Despite not knowing the token economics of Newton, if it’s anything like Elastos then it could be HUGE!


We look forward to seeing their progress and especially seeing their whitepaper.


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