OneLedger ICO Overview

OneLedger ICO is a Universal Blockchain Protocol Enabling Cross-ledger access through business modularisation. What does this mean? This means that business and individuals can leverage the platform to create both public and private blockchains with their own unique consensus. Pretty handy if you ask me!
OneLedger’s consensus defines a three-layer protocol (Public Consensus, Side Chain Consensus & Role Consensus) which will enable more effective integration of different blockchain applications. It will provide a scalable off-chain solution from any main chain and offloads the consensus to the corresponding OneLedger Side Chain, which inherits all the properties of the protocol. OneLedger will also provide a universal identity solution to help keep track of users assets that are stored on multiple distribution databases through their smart identity platform, which can be leveraged or role access controlled too.

OneLedger ICO Highlights

Business Modularisation — OneLedger will form a verifiable blockchain network which is modularised from real-world functionality, based on the sharing and immunity mechanisms provided by blockchain techniques.
Blockchain Communication — All transaction data and real source records are written into distributed nodes by validation mechanism of data sharing through OneLedger protocol. OneLedger protocol enables communication and access across the blockchain and allows for deployment and extendability across various Blockchain networks.
High-performance Transactions — enabled by a uniquely-engineered role and arbitration mechanism allowing for storage of data in a hierarchical structure.
Multi-chain Runtime Support — Focuses on providing a consistent runtime which is compatible with various blockchain protocols and application development stacks
oneledger roadmap
OneLedger ICO Token Sale: May (no date set yet)
Token: OLT
Token type: ERC20
Soft Cap: $4 million USD
Hard Cap: $15 million USD
Seed round: $1 million USD, vesting period of 6 months with monthly cliffs for the bonus, implemented in smart contracts
Private presale I: $6 million USD
Private presale II: $3 million USD
Public sale: $5 million USD
Available for Token Sale: 35%
Accepts: ETH
Before I start reading a Whitepaper, I always like to see if the three most important factors to a successful ICO are within investable range.
These variables can be summed up into three groups:
1st — Token economics & Product.
2nd — Team and Advisors.
3rd — Social media and general publicity.

OneLedger Token Economics

We have yet to see the full breakdown of the token economics which we like to know before investing, but what we do know is that they have a low Hard Cap at $15 million which is great to see. More & more often we see ICO’s asking for higher amount’s, typically in their $30–50 million’s! Although we are in the crypto world and normal rules sometimes don’t apply, we must not forget that these ICO’s are technical start-up’s! If you saw a start-up asking for $50 million you’d laugh and say it was ludicrous. We need to take real-world values and adapt them to the crypto world when investing, so it’s nice to see that OneLedger has realistic funding goals. It’s likely that this is a huge factor that they have closed their pre-sale already.

oneledger ico token distribution



It’s important to consider that the community reserve has a lock-up period of a minimum of 6 months in smart contracts, and followed by 1 to 2+ years vesting schedule for the long-term benefit of the community. The same applies to the team, they have a vesting period of 24 months with quarterly cliffs implemented in smart contracts. We did notice that they plan to launch MVP and the Ethereum side chain test net after the ICO, so this is something to be aware of.

OneLedger Team

The team are 8 strong (although only showing 7 in the picture below) and is lead by David Cao. He has 3 years of blockchain experience (would have like to have seen more) and over 10 years of enterprise architect experience. David has worked on a magnitude of technical projects for several Fortune 500 enterprises. He also worked at IBM Toronto Lab with the development of DB2 and WebSphere Commerce core engine. So although not hugely versed in blockchain technology, it’s clear he has a vast experience in eCommerce and Java with big companies.

oneledger team members


Alex Todd is the CTA and was previously Founder and CEO of NameTrust 2 Pay, which is a blockchain-enabled social credit rating system in order to help people and businesses be recognized for their authentic self. He was also Chief Technology Officer at PRESTO, which is a new electronic fare card system using the latest technology to make it easier to pay your fare while travelling within and between transit systems in Ontario, Canada. Most notably Alex was Managing Consultant in Information Security and Trust at IBM Global Services, which is what you want to see from a CTA.

OneLedger Advisors

The most notable Advisor is Trevor Koverko who is the CEO of Polymath, DAI (Digital Assets International) & Lumenix. He is key and clearly believes in the project as Polymath, which brings securities market to the blockchain via its security token issuance platform, has announced a new partnership with the OneLedger ICO.

oneledger advisors



Social Media and Hype

As of 5th April 2018, these are the stats:
Telegram: 10,211
Twitter: 1,985
Medium: 164
As you can see OneLedger has a massive following on Telegram, this shows that they are getting some great attention from the community who are clearly bullish, which has been also backed by some key crypto influencers. They are also fairly active on Medium posting regular blogs and key information about OneLedger.

Oneledger ICO Review Conclusion

I believe that OneLedge could easily be a top 10 ICO for 2018. With its low hard cap and clear backing from its community on Telegram, this is a winning combination. I also like the fact that tokens are locked up as this will stop any quick dumps on the exchanges. This would definitely be an investment for those looking to hold for a few years. We still need to see what the complete token economics are and the MVP/Test Net isn’t launched until after ICO but for those wanting to invest long term, it shouldn’t affect too much.
The article was written by Jedi — ICO Dog Team Member