Open Platform ICO Overview

An End-to-End Decentralized Applications Payment Platform – The aim of the Open Platform ICO is to enable any application to integrate blockchain technology, accept any cryptocurrency and track payment states on the blockchain. Their main Focus is to facilitate the process of mass Adoption of blockchain! DApp can utilize the Open Platform to accept the 400B USD Market of Cryptocurrencies.
The main Question to be asked here is: Is crypto ready to be used for more than just speculation or not? Before getting tangled up in the possible Future of crypto lets continue looking at the fundamentals of Open Platform and grade according to the Ballina Formula. Sadly there is almost 0 correlation between the capability to deliver and market Evaluation. When looking at the top 20 coins on Coinmarketcap, any experienced programmer would come to the conclusion, that most of them are highly overvalued, to say the least
.What makes ICOs grow in value are only three Things and nothing else.
1.) Potential Market capitalization if the Project is successful.
2.) Hype! This Comes down to How many People bought the ICO and how many People are waiting to get in on Exchanges.
3.) Large Investors! They usually look at the Team advisors, coding and the General fundamentals of the Project.Market Size: Let’s look at the Potential Market Cap of Open.
Most ICO Investors don’t think, but rather dream. They FOMO into the next PayPal, Apple or Amazon expecting the Lambo in a week or two. Normally they just end up Holding the bags for smarter Investors. Open scores pretty well in that regard. They want to be the PayPal or Andriod store for the Blockchain. Payment platforms focused on applications are significant business – Stripe ($9B), Paypal ($90B), Apple Store ($28B). [Click and drag to move] In Terms of Big Dreams, Open Platform scores very well. They are trying to tap into one of the largest markets and their solution is very much needed. However several other companies are trying the same Thing.

paypal payment volume


Open Platform Competitors

Monetha, UTrust & Coinbase all work in a very similar environment. The next Problem is that most existent Apps on Android and Apple will have Problems with the Integration of Open Platform due to apples proprietary payment mechanisms. However, there are several ways around this, such as out of app purchases. Open Platform Blockchain Prototype: Having a Blockchain prototype is essential for many Exchanges to list an ICO. Not being considered a “Whitepaper ICO” helps bring in a lot of bigger Investors. Let’s look at their MVP: