Plentix ICO Overview

Plentix is a blockchain platform and application aiming to connect & reward participants through referrals. As it stands traditional digital marketing currently leads to low conversion rates, thousands of clicks or views rarely turn into physical sales and as a result, businesses have to invest a huge amount of money to reach a greater volume of consumers. What’s the solution? Plentix!
Plentix aims to significantly reduce the cost of identifying companies target markets which will, in turn, lead to higher conversion rates and customer loyalty. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways of referring a friend to a product you like because A) you are a trusted source & B) you are likely to have things in common and therefore like the same products/services. This is why referral marketing plans from massive companies have been so successful in the past. For example take Uber, typically if you refer a friend to using the app, they will get their first ride free and in turn, you get money off your next trip, it’s a win-win situation. This is why (despite being practical, cheap & efficient) Uber have become so successful.
Plentix will use these same marketing tools which will allow you to have better control over your referral plans in an easy to use, secure, safe and low-cost way. Plentix aims to fully automate your referral programs on the blockchain using smart contracts, it’s a decentralized open source platform providing API’s and useful features for the programmers using it.