Simply Vital Health ICO Overview


Simply Vital Health is aiming to build a decentralized open-source protocol that will enable frictional-less sharing of medical data and to access new revenue streams. The health Nexus Protocol will enable developers to build on top of the existing ecosystem solutions for any part of the healthcare system. Heath nexus aims to become the blockchain for every Medical related data interaction. Similar to how Etherum is the blockchain for ICOs, health nexus wants to be the blockchain for healthcare.

simply vital health ico structure


Simply Vital Health ICO Token Economics

Health Nexus scores 1.75 out of three possible points. This value arises from the following factors: the price of the token, hard capitalization, total token sold during the ICO, percentage of token sold during the ICO other factors that are incorporated in the final grade are unsold token handling percentage of tokens allocated to bounty bonus token structures during pre-sale private presale and public sale.
Currently, it is not known how much funds are allocated to the private presale, if more than 50% of total tokens are sold at the private presale stage then the token economics ranking would fall down to 1.45 out of three points. The hard cap of $25 million and total tokens of 120 million tokens are in a very healthy range in comparison to the current total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market. Any unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.

Simply Vital Health Team & Advisors

When looking at team members it is more important in my opinion to look at previous successes in management, directing or development. Rather than looking at names of universities and degrees. Some of the most successful companies were founded by people without a university degree. The most important trait for CEO is the visible strive for success. Therefore when I look into teams I rather watch interviews than purely rely on their LinkedIn profiles and curriculum vitae.
CEO and Founder:

simply vital health ceo and co-founder

Yale New Haven Health System:
Created market assessments to analyze current and future market position for existing and new inpatient and outpatient services for service lines within medicine and surgery
Tribe 9 2017 Cohort BoostVC, Silicon Valley #1 Accelerator for Blockchain, 4% Acceptance Rate – BTC Media Blockchain in Healthcare Hackathon: Best In Class Winner, October 2016 -Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Venture Creation Program Spring 2016 Cohort.

Advisor to BitClave
Software engineer at Capital One, Core Worked on a rapid prototyping team as a full stack developer Lead developer for blockchain applications.Deployed Eris and Microsoft Ethereum servers.

simply vital health director, growth and operations

Co Founder of oVote IncAssociate at Goldman SachsYale University M.B.ANorthwestern University


simply vital health business development strategist

Director, Respiratory Care at Yale New haven hospital.
State University of New York Medical University
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Simply Vital Health ICO Advisors


simply vital health advisor

John D. Halamka, MD, MS HITSP Chairman
John D. Halamka, MD, MS is Chief Information Officer of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Chief Information Officer and Dean for Technology at Harvard Medical School, Chairman of the New England Health Electronic Data Interchange Network (NEHEN), CEO of MA-SHARE (the Regional Health Information Organization), Chair of the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), and a practicing Emergency Physician.


simply vital health advisor: Brian Kern

Brian Kern, Esq
Brian Kern is the President and Founder of Toro Risk Consulting Group, LLC (Toro), which is a company focused on growing insurance agencies and companies that specialize in various aspects of healthcare risk. He is also Of Counsel at Frier & Levitt, a law firm specializing in healthcare. Main lead for cybersecurity for the State of Massachusetts.

simply vital health team members and advisors

Advisory team simple vital health adviser team rather comprehensive and includes several healthcare experts would also several ICO and Blockchain investors and influencers many companies underestimate the challenges which come with holding it ICO therefore I graded their Advisory group highly, for having six different Blockchain experts on board.
Advisor Score 4.7/5

Social Media and Hype

Currently, simply vital health ICO had 8400 members in the telegram group. 112 subscribers on Reddit and 822 people described to their bounty program. 400 likes on Facebook and 300 comits on Github. Simple vital health only scores 0.2 out of three points for height as nobody knows about this ICO however their bounty program is made very professionally and has been growing by several hundred members every day and the token generation event is still two weeks away. Simply right to health has received quite a lot of media coverage they have been featured in crypto coins news Huffington Post Forbs, ICO bench and several others, but they have not been listed on ICO drops.

Project Prototype

Health nexus already has a functional pre-existing Blockchain product called connecting care. Connecting care is a revenue generating Blockchain solution to help providers in value-based cares. It serves as one of many possible applications that can be built on top of the healthcare nexus Blockchain.


Impact on the existing Industry

The health nexus blockage could have an immense impact on the healthcare industry. It is not just an infrastructure project, but a protocol which can be built upon on. Many existing problems could be solved or improved with help of the blockchain. Possible use cases for the health Nexus blockchain could be secure storage of patient data files, secure storage of physicians work experience, medical records, and health records. The blockchain could be used to connect doctors patients manufacturers laboratories insurance companies with established trust. Clinical trials can vastly be improved with the help of the blockchain. It would create secure and trustworthy results and could help eradicate fraudulent activities.
Score on Impact on the Existing Industry: 8.8/10

Size of the Market

The healthcare industry is a $3 trillion market in the United States alone. ICO investing is a purely speculative market. This means that most investors do not buy into a token or coin based on its value but only on its possible market capitalization in several years from now. The healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Therefore, Health Nexus scores very well in category market size. The actual market size tackled by Simply Vital Health is about $300 Billion in the United States.
Market Size Score: 2.5/3 

Simply Vital Health ICO Review Conclusion

Simply vital health ICO scores 86.37%. If health nexus will succeed to reach 10,000 members in their telegram will be in the top five ICO of February. Competitors are the medical chain and MediBlock. Health nexus has an enormous goal which will be very very difficult to achieve however currently they are more capable and on a technical basis more advanced than their competitors. Their success will be dependent on the mass adoption of their Blockchain.
If simply vital health will become more known within the next several weeks I will most likely be investing into this project.
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