The Swiss have been leading the way for Crypto regulations. The country’s progressive stance on blockchain technology has given it the ability to host the headquarters of an incredible number of blockchain companies. 

A new fintech startup with founding members from the Switzerland-based Bitcoin custodian, Xapo, is now working to establish a security token platform in the country. 

Smart Valor

Security tokens are the natural next stage for the Crypto market. Smart Valor intends to pioneer the infrastructure needed to make sure that security tokens become a reality that anyone can access. 

Smart Valor is a platform for the tokenization of assets, including commodities, real estate, equity in startups, and other alternative investments. Many of these investments have always required a high entry amount of capital. Smart Valor hopes to make these investments open to everyone; the platform aims to decentralize access to wealth growth opportunities. It aims to achieve its goal by making alternative investment opportunities available to all people in the form of fractional ownership.


Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership makes it possible for people with limited funds to take part in an investment that would otherwise require a large sum of investment capital. Smart Valor will enable the tokenization of various alternative investments and this will allow assets to become divisible by way of tokens. As tokens are divisible, people would be able to buy the portion of an asset that they can afford.

One of the main causes of people’s inability to freely invest in alternative assets of their choice is that they may not have the capital needed or they may not be willing to risk a large sum in a single investment. Smart Valor provides a solution to both of these dilemmas.

Open Access

Investments on Smart Valor will be possible via both Crypto and fiat. Alternative investments have accepted the fiat of the native country. However, Smart Valor will allow people from across the globe to participate in alternative investments by allowing them to utilize cryptocurrencies if they do not have the fiat of the country the alternative investment is native to.

Cryptocurrencies have become incredibly accessible and have proven as a valuable resource to people living in countries with weak economies. Now, Smart Valor will allow residents of all countries to not just Crypto for the cause of dodging the problems of poor financial systems, but also gaining access to alternative investments.


Decentralized Value Creation

Smart Valor will also provide a unique means to monetize skills. The platform will include a marketplace of skills and this will allow people to gain access to work opportunities irrespective of where they are or where they are from. Such a platform decentralizes the creation of wealth and ensures anyone who possesses valuable skills can earn from it.

With access to such an opportunity, people who have no investment capital would be able to acquire it, and then Smart Valor’s ability to tokenize alternative investments will give them the opportunity to purchase unique assets to the amount they are willing to invest.

The goal of decentralizing value creation and wealth creation opportunities is a noble one. Security tokens are coming and platforms that provide the resources to tokenize assets, with abidance with laws, will provide a smooth path for the Crypto space to adopt security tokens. Smart Valor’s team has experience with the creation of companies that must gain regulatory approvals and licenses, and this should be a great strength for Smart Valor.


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