Even though CoinMarketCap is one of the strongest influencers in the crypto market, a lot of cryptocurrency traders want more than one source of information. Moreover, there have been changes to how the platform evaluates cryptocurrencies as well as the removal of Korean crypto exchanges.

While CMC is still one of the most reliable sources of information, it’s important to gain insight from multiple sources. The cryptocurrency market is more volatile than ever, and it is important to have a better understanding of the market when trading in digital currency. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best alternatives to CoinMarketCap that you can check out for all the information you need in one place.  Our picks not only offer reliability and accuracy, but they also come with unique features that are missing in CMC.



ocfx alternative to coinmarketcap


OnchainFX is one of the best investor-oriented platforms that covers a much larger number of metrics than what you would find on other websites. You get access to a very easily accessible compact layout for all the information you need. The homepage is free from ads, and the UI is beginner-friendly.

You get access to an advanced future worth calculation tool that you can use for planning cryptocurrency investments. You get access to detailed information like price history, supply percentages, inflation calculation and more.

If you are an investor who trades regularly, OnchainFX is one of the most reliable platforms for getting all the right tools in one place. You can compare the growth of two different cryptocurrencies and analyze their market performance very easily. The features are fine-tuned towards advanced cryptocurrency traders, and if you felt that CMC is lacking, OnchainFX will have you covered.



live coin watch alternative to coin market cap

LiveCoinWatch is one of the most reliable sources of information and is often regarded by many as the go-to alternative to CoinMarketCap. You get access to detailed graphs and market history of over a thousand cryptocurrencies that include both popular and niche currencies. Data from all major crypto exchange platforms is easily available.

If you are looking for a platform that is highly accurate and traces prices efficiently across the market, LiveCoinWatch is something you should try out. Data from over 120 exchanges are monitored, and you also have access to data from Korean markets, which was removed by CoinMarketCap. There are 30 supported currencies and signing up on the platform also offers you a portfolio management tool. Some of the other features include watchlists, preset price alerts and more information on crypto exchanges.



coin checkup alternative to coin market cap


CoinCheckup is one of the newest platforms to come into the scene. With just two years of experience, the platform has proven itself to be one of the best platforms for viewing transparent data. It offers in-depth coin tracking using charts and stats. You can quickly analyze multiple cryptocurrencies to analyze if it is worth investing in them.

All of the currencies are ranked on the platform based on their market performance, value, popularity in the crypto community, development and support. The cryptocurrency algorithms are also analyzed by experts and are rated on a scale of five. A detailed description of the rating method is available in case you want an in-depth look at how the metrics on the website work.



crypto compare coin market cap

CryptoCompare has been around in the cryptocurrency market for five years, and the website has been accessible for nearly four years. The website was launched after being in development for a very long time with a large number of tools being implemented for real-time cryptocurrency price tracking.

CryptoCompare is one of the most elaborate platforms that gives you nearly any information you need all in one place. Volume analysis, market caps, coin supply, and other data, are well represented using visual data. It is one of the best platforms for beginners thanks to the use of its comprehensive charts instead of relying on numbers only. All of the major real-world currencies can be used to check prices.

CryptoCompare is one of the most transparent platforms out there. Its API is publicly accessible for development purposes, and it also offers a portfolio management tool for all users for free. The website has its own forum where you can discuss trading and the market with other users. There are reviews of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and more as well.



coin gecko alternative market cap

CoinGecko is one of the most popular real-time price tracking platforms right now. All of the information you want to check on a cryptocurrency is available in one place including pricing. You get access to the usual informative features like market performance, cryptocurrency ratings and more.

The platform allows you to track the prices of over a thousand cryptocurrencies in both fiat currency as well as in BTC. The user interface is available in 16 different languages, making it one of the most user-friendly platforms out there.

Outside a large number of charts and visual data available on the platform for easy access to data, you also have widgets and APIs. The website also has a mining calculator for users who are into mining cryptocurrencies to identify mining opportunities that offer great returns on investment.

Some of the other unique features that are available on the platform include an ICO calendar which is very useful for investors, an exchange volume analysis based on user activity on exchanges, and social networking insights. The website also has its own crypto forum where you can find a lot of useful information from other members.



While CoinMarketCap has managed to be the go-to search engine for digital currencies for many and its in-depth price tracking tools is one of the best. However, over-reliance on a single platform can often hinder investment foresight in cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Whether you are new to trading or have years of experience, it’s important to have some alternative platforms to refer to for best results.

The featured alternatives on our list offer both reliability and accuracy and cater to all kinds of users. Having access to multiple trusted data sources can help you be more effective at cryptocurrency trading in a volatile market and also understand market conditions better.


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